Curling Etiquette

Curling etiquette

  1. The game begins and ends with a customary greeting ("Good Curling", "Good Game").
  2. The leads decide who has hammer usually by flipping a coin.
  3. It is courtesy for non-throwing players to remain outside the hog line while the throwing player delivers.
  4. It is courtesy for non-throwing players not to congregate behind the opposing player who is holding the broom.
  5. It is better to purchase one’s own brush rather than use club supplied brushes.
  6. Sweepers returning to the opposite end should walk single file at the side of the sheet rather than 2 by 2 so as not to block the view of the throwing player.
  7. It is polite to stop moving while a player is throwing.
  8. It is polite to delay walking by a sheet until the throwing player has released his/her rock.
  9. It is important to both call and furnish the opposing skip with plenty of notice if your team cannot make a game. The club should also be informed so free ice can be reassigned.
  10. A game can be played with 3 players. The club maintains a spares list to make it easier to find a fourth player, if needed. Spare players can also be found by contacting teams who have a bye that draw.

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