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Ottawa Teachers and Friends League

Back in 1962, the Teachers' Curling League got its start as a result of the leadership of Gordy Fisher, the caretaker at The Boys' Vocational School, that was located at Muchmor Public School. Gord had been a curler out west and talked a group of us into trying the game at the old Curl-O-Drome at Lansdowne Park. We were hooked. He and Major Franklin, manager of the Curl-O-Drome Lansdowne Park, helped with the instructing and a two team league was formed. The word soon spread and new members joined from Glashan, Muchmor and Ottawa Teachers College. As more players joined from other schools a formidable league developed that curled and partied on Fridays after school.

As the league expanded, it became difficult to get appropriate ice at the times we needed it. A move was made to the RCMP Curling Club and eventually to the very hospitable Ottawa Curling Club. Meanwhile other teachers' leagues were operating in the city. An amalgamation with the Secondary Teachers' League came to pass. Instead of one night of curling, there were four nights of after school curling every week.

Although it remains an adult teachers' league, it has grown its membership to include friends and non-teaching  members. Always intended to be a fun adult league, we nevertheless compete savagely for 3 trophies. These trophies were donated by Sol Max, a board trustee and businessman, Clarence Sparling, Principal of Borden High School, and Bob Berry and Norm Sliter, Principals of Woodroffe High School and Hillcrest High School. This league has produced some notable curlers that have won provincial championships in Ontario and B.C. Others from this illustrious group have had great success over the years in competitive spiels in the area and beyond.

The Teachers' League wishes to thank the Ottawa Curling Club for the gracious hospitality shown to our members and a special thanks to Dalal Abou-Eid, Club Manager, for her great help and cooperation.

Bud Garrod, Bob Goodson
Co Commish.


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Manager: Dalal Abou-Eid