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OCC Club Championship

The Club Championship, as played at the OCC, is a 21 team closed event consisting of league winners plus a number of teams that have performed well in those leagues. It is a unique event where a team from each league, regardless of prowess level, can play against other teams of all strength levels; it is especially fun for teams not normally able to play strong teams like from the Cash League for instance.

Who can play? Representatives from all eight OCC leagues.

  • Monday Ladder - 3 teams 
  • Tuesday Women - 2 teams
  • Tuesday Getting Started League - Their champion
  • Wednesday Cash - 4 top money winners
  • Thursday Men - 3 teams comprised of A1, A2, Wild Card (A3 plays B1)
  • Friday Mixed - 3 teams
  • Saturday Open - 3 teams
  • University/College League - The league champion
  • U5 Colts - The league champion


The format is a 21 team single knock out:

  • Teams must have a minimum of 2 original team members. Spares must be OCC members, and every effort should be made to be from the same league as the team. 
  • Members qualifying on more than one team may play when their schedule does not conflict.
  • All Games are 8 ends.
  • Ties to be broken with a full extra end played towards the glass.
  • The champion takes home cash while prizes for all other winners will be in the form of Bar Bucks divided evenly amongst team members.
  • There is no entry fee.



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