Sparing Rules


Any membership category may spare in any club league without restriction.

Non-Members can spare for $20 per game, with payment made at the Bar.

Note:  The OCC allows each league to set specific rules as they see fit; therefore, please read your league-specific rules for confirmation of additional sparing rules.

Fifth player, spare, practice membership

This category consists of the payment as listed in Category 3 plus the CEA Capital Expenditure Assessment. This membership confers sparing privileges for all regular leagues at the club (not rentals). A member in this category can spare up to three (3) times each for any team in any regular league. Additionally, the member can spare an unlimited number of times as a fifth player for one (1) team in one (1) regular league as long as that team is already made up of at least four (4) fully paid members. The spare membership fee is the same whether it is purchased in the fall or the winter.

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