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During the curling season, members get electronic Newsletters from the OCC Board, including those related to day-to-day club operations, via email. The member email is the one listed on your member account on this OCC Website.

Although some of these Newsletters contain important league information, there are also league specific emails that are sent by League Convenors. Typically, league convenors use email to send league specific updates or to request feedback on league topics. 

League Communications

Each league has a league convenor who is selected from the league they represent. League convenors are volunteers and report to the volunteer OCC Board via the OCC Board Match Director.

In recent years, members have asked to ensure these updates are more reliably sent to each participant in the league.  This means a league specific bulk-email can end up with close to a hundred emails!  To reduce the chance that these emails are marked as spam, your Web Admin looked at a few options.  The decision was to use Google Groups instead of the bulk-email option we use for OCC Newsletters.

Google Group Bulk-Email

Each league has been setup with their own Google Group!  Google Groups is quite handy for sending bulk email to current 'members' of the Group.

Our club has limited the designated "senders" to league convenors and members of the board.  Only designated "senders" can send bulk-email using the Google Group's email address.  Any email to the Group's email address from a unapproved sender will be rejected.

Google Group Invitation

When you are added to a league group, you will receive an invitation via email.  If you want to use a different email for league communications, please contact your league convenor or the OCC Club Manager.

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Google Group Interface

Since the club is leveraging this tool for bulk-league-email, nearly every other feature has been disabled. For example, league members cannot engage or view the Conversation History for the group.

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