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Sparing Rules


Any membership category may spare in any club league without restriction.

Non-Members can spare for $20 per game, with payment made at the Bar.

Note:  The OCC allows each league to set specific rules as they see fit; therefore, please read your league-specific rules for confirmation of additional sparing rules.

Fifth player, spare, practice membership

This category consists of the payment as listed in Category 3 plus the CEA Capital Expenditure Assessment. This membership confers sparing privileges for all regular leagues at the club (not rentals). A member in this category can spare up to three (3) times each for any team in any regular league. Additionally, the member can spare an unlimited number of times as a fifth player for one (1) team in one (1) regular league as long as that team is already made up of at least four (4) fully paid members. The spare membership fee is the same whether it is purchased in the fall or the winter.


Please see Payment Options and Deadlines for options available to members.

Membership Summary

Please see the Membership Page for more information about the various membership types.


Membership Fee Details

Fees 2023 2024

Fifth Player Fee

Please contact the Club Manager if you are a recurring 5th player for a team. 

In particular, Category 2 and 3 have provisions to pay a flat fee to play as a recurring 5th in an extra league. 

Additional Fees

NSF cheque Fee: $50.00

Late payment fee (after Oct 1): $100.00

Additional Fee Description


Any per-member fee from The Ontario Curling Association (OCA) is added to Category 1 and 2 members as a fee.

Curling Canada Fee

The Curling Canada Fee applies to Category 1 and 2 members.  It is currently included within the base fees.

Capital Expenditure Assessment (CEA)

To help the Ottawa Curling Club maintain and improve its building and facilities on both sides of the glass, a CEA will be charged annually to all members. Social members are exempt from the CEA.

Sparing Fees

Please refer to our Sparing Policy

NSF Cheque Fee

There will be a handling charge for NSF checks.

Late Payment Fee

Fees are due in full by the fee payment deadline, including post-dated cheques under the deferred-payment plan. After October 1, a late-payment penalty fee will be assessed. Club privileges may be suspended for any member who has not paid fees in full or has not submitted post-dated cheques under the deferred-payment plan, prior to the deadline.

Payment Options and Deadlines

Payment Options

Payment Deadlines

Returning confirmed Teams (*) – One team member paid in full immediately.

Fee payment Deadline - All members paid in full by September 16

Members in deferred payment plan – post-dated cheques due by October 1

(*) See the Club Sign-Up Policy for information about returning teams

All regular team leagues must have 4 fully paid members on each team by the fee payment deadline. Any team without 4 fully paid members may be permitted to continue to play but games will be posted as a loss until such time as the memberships are paid in full.

Payment Installment Plans

Two installment plans are available for curling members in Category 1 and 2.  The amount payable can be made by post-dated cheques or by pre-authorized credit card payment. The amount of each payment equals one-quarter of total fees due per payment.

A $10.00 fee is assessed for the deferred-payment plan. 

  • Early payment plan: 4 payments due monthly June 1 through September 1
  • Deferred payment plan: 4 payments due monthly September 1 through December 1.

Members in Category 3, Fifth-Player/Spare/Practice, do not qualify for the installment payment plan.

Please review the Payment Deadlines for timing of post-dated cheques.

Life Members

The Club's Board awards life membership to recognize an individual’s sustained and exemplary contributions to the Ottawa Curling Club. 

  Year Name
  1876 Gilmour, Colonel Allan
  1890 Manuel, John 
  1914 Blade, Harry R. 
  1918 Manuel, James 
  1921 McMillan, Colonel A. 
  1922 Manuel, William 
  1923 Henderson, George F., K.C.
  1927 Russell, Charles Edward
  1928 Carson, Hugh
  1930 Stoneman, John A.
  1935 Short, James
Ward, Howard H.
  1936 Coleman, John D.
McLaughlin, James
  1937 Snow, Walter B.
  1938 O'Brien, Oswald "Ossie"
Weir, William Arthur
  1939 Kilborn, H. M.
Moffatt, Ted
  1940 Keyes, Corlis Gosnell
White, George A.
  1941 Bedard, Frank W.
Fleck, L. W.
Warwick, Robert W.
  1942 Beach, Olin A.
  1944 Brocklesby, Richard Ernest Baron, Q. C.
Edmunds, Elmer Edward "Eddie"
  1946 Brown, Alan
  1948 Finn, T. D'Arcy
  1949 McCann, Dave
  1951 Hodgins, W. E. Nellis
  1957 Shannon, F. J.
  1959 Elmslie, J. W. E.
Liberty, Bert S.
Stuart, Bruce
  1960 Booth, Dr. J. F.
McLaughlin, P. J.
Pushman, R. George
Thomas, J. W.
  1961 Wilson, Frank H.
  1962 King, Velva
McCann, Edna May
  1963 Atkinson, Archibald "Archie" Maynard
Grills, J. Howard
  1968 Dover, J. B.
Johnson, Harry C.
  1971 Williams, Gladys
  1972 Howe, Ossie F., Esq., Q. C.
  1974 Gisborne, Reg
McBridge, Osler W.
Perry, C. Gordon
  1975 McLatchie, Gerry
  1976 Dawson, Marguerite
Forhan, Estella
Gamble, Dorothy
Hughes, Roydon A., Q. C.
  1977 Lovekin, Hugh E.
Webster, Dr. J. "Danny"
  1982 Macdonald, D. Elwyn
  1983 Moffatt, D. Douglas
Wimperis, Eldon G.
  1986 Ross, Jack S.
  1990 Martin, Robert "Bob" W.
  1995 Rodger, Les
  2018 Courtney, Joanne
Homan, Rachel
Miskew, Emma
Weagle, Lisa
Matheson, Roderick "Rod" James
Sheppard, Geoff
  2019 Morris, Earle H. C.
  2023 Chisholm, Sandra
Lamoureux, Danny
  2024 Dalal Abou-Eid

Club Sponsors

The Ottawa Curling Club is pleased to announce sheet sponsorship partnerships with five outstanding companies! Please keep them in mind when you’re looking for these services or products!

Sheet 1: Anatomy Physiotherapy Clinic

• Physiotherapy • Massage Therapy • Exercise Rehab

SmallWeb AnatomyPhysiotherapy

 Sheet 2: Moosehead Breweries

• Moosehead Lager • Cracked Canoe • Hop City Brewing Co.

SmallWeb Moosehead

Sheet 3: Conway Litigation

We Lead. We Listen. We Litigate.

SmallWeb ConwayLitigation


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SmallWeb YOWHomeTeam

 Sheet 5: Dominion City Brewing Co.

• Bonspiel Brown Lager • Sunsplit IPA • Town & Country Blonde Ale

SmallWeb DominionCity


THANK YOU for your support!

Bar & Food

The OCC has a complete bar and nightly food service, making it a great place to grab dinner before heading out on to the ice!

Bar Food

In addition to the menu below, nightly specials are listed by the bar in the lounge.

Bar Tab

OCC members can establish a monthly bar tab, which allows them to leave a credit card number with the club manager to charge both food and beverage to their account. In addition, an automatic gratuity will be added and transferred to the appropriate server. Credit cards will be charged monthly within 7 days of month’s end or you can pay in cash at month’s end so your credit card isn’t charged. If you wish, the club can also place a spending limit on transactions.

For more details, see the club manager.


League Sign-up Policy

Points system for late registrations

  • The Match Committee will use an expanded points system in their consideration of teams who have applied to curl in the upcoming season. While final decisions will rest heavily on the discretion of the Match Committee, the following will be taken into consideration.
    • Returning league team
    • Payment of membership in full (no post dated cheques after the deadline)
    • Returning OCC member
    • Returning league member
    • Team wanting to switch (but not add) leagues
    • Longevity and activity as an OCC member

If any OCC league is over-subscribed for a season, the policy to be accepted into any evening league (Mon-Fri) is as follows:

  • All four registered players from a specific league, in the prior season, returning to that same league – automatic entry
  • Three of four registered players from a specific league, in the prior season, returning to that same league – automatic entry
  • Point system for new teams:
    • Three (3) points per player, if a registered member of that same league in the previous season
    • Two (2) points per player if a registered player in any other OCC league, in the previous season
    • One (1) point per player for any new member
    • The points are totalled and the higher ranked teams get accepted until the league is full.

Finally, all teams must adhere to the OCC's sign-up deadline and payment of fees. (One team member must pay in full to hold the spot)

Board of Directors
Revised June 2022

Summer Parking

Do you or someone you know need a place to park in the curling off season? The OCC offers monthly parking rentals that are not restricted to OCC members.

To purchase a parking space for June to August contact the club manager at 613-234-4119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Banquet Facility Rental

Planning a social event, seminar or sales meeting? The OCC is available throughout the year, with two rooms ideal for gatherings of between 10 and 120 people.

We can provide food and beverage service, an air conditioned lounge, and 240 amp service should you plan on live music for your event.

To arrange a banquet rental contact the club manager at 613-234-4119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ice Rental

Anybody can curl! At the OCC we make it easy for you.

If you would like to rent one or more curling sheets on a part-time basis there are many options available to you:

  • Rent from 1 to 5 sheets at a time
  • Rent just one time, any day of the week
  • Rent for multiple visits
  • Do more than just curl! We host work related, social, curling, and team building events on the ice and off


For safety reasons, children 12 years of age and under are not allowed on the ice. Children 12 to 16 must be supervised by your group.

What To Bring?

If you have your own curling equipment, bring them along. Otherwise, please bring a clean pair of sneakers (do not wear your street shoes), loose-fitting pants, warm clothing, gloves/mitts and a toque (optional). Curling brooms, stabilizers, grippers and sliding tape will be loaned to you at no additional cost.

Charity Tournaments

We can help you with that - numerous packages are available:

Option 1: Ice rental with brooms and sliding tape included.
Option 2: Ice rental with brooms and sliding tape included, plus an instructor.
Option 3: Option 1 or 2, plus food and beverage.

All rentals are encouraged to enjoy our beverage services both during and after your rentals.

Check out the rental information package for information on what your participants should bring and what to expect.

Ready to rent?

Contact the club manager: 613 234 4119 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Special Events

There are annual club events open to members and non-members with no experience required. Watch our news for exact dates.

The Currier Cup

24 Sussex

currier cup with empty curling rink in background

This event, now usually held in January or February, is probably the longest annual sports trophy competition in North America. The annual Ottawa CC versus the Buckingham CC competition began in 1861 when Joseph Currier donated the cup. He was the man who had built and lived in 24 Sussex Drive. See the picture above and our History.

Any club member who wishes to play in this event, which alternates each year between venues, should contact the Member's Services Director. The host club supplies a meal and refreshments. 

The Ottawa-Rideau Challenge

This rivalry has been going on since 1909. The Rideau is the other downtown Ottawa curling facility that began when some disgruntled Ottawa members left this club to form their own curling group. The issue was this club's temperance policy.

That isn't the case anymore as the annual event takes place between Christmas and New Year's Day, adding to the spirited competition. Relatives and friends visiting club members are welcome to participate. The venue alternates annually between clubs and the host club provides a meal at no charge to visiting club.

The Roy Blair Bonspiel


Curl with a distinguished curler at skip and enjoy the chance of participating in a Calcutta in mid-April. In the Roy Blair participants declare what position they would like to play. Then a draft night is held where players are called up by positions (leads go first) and choose which skip they wish to play for. A few days after the draft night each team plays in a number of truncated games in a "points" bonspiel format. The winning rink is the one that accumulates the most points after the Blair is done.

Roy Blair represented the spirit of the Ottawa in that he was a great curler but also wanted everyone, no matter what their skill level, to participate. His life ended early in a tragic drowning accident in 1977.  

The Gordie Perry Bonspiel

Gordie PerryEstablished in 1961, this late April bonspiel is meant to be a fun outing to end the curling season. The seven-day event sees players of all skill levels compete in any combination of four (4) players. Novice curlers to "professional" curlers are all on the ice at the same time.

The emphasis is on fun and rubbing shoulders with the famous and not so famous. The important thing is to rub shoulders. Special event nights occur during the last few days of the spiel, live entertainment is supplied as well as a great closing night banquet.

Gordie Perry was an exceptional Ottawa Curling Club member who began this spiel in 1961. He was the last skip to win an "irons" play championship in 1950. An excellent athlete he played in the 1931 Grey Cup for Montreal when they won the national championship. He is also in Canada's Sports Hall of Fame, the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, the New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame, the Quebec Sports Hall of Fame and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.

His spiel is still goes strong just like Gordie did – he lived to be 100 years young.


The Club Championship

The OCC Club Championship wraps up the year. 

Our men's and women's champions will represent the Ottawa CC in the Dominion Curling Club Championship.

Quebec Challenge Cup

The Quebec Challenge Cup is the oldest competitive trophy in North America, and has been continually contested since 1874. The series is open to any club involved with the OVCA or Curling Quebec as an event under the Canadian Branch. Due to the vast number of clubs waiting to challenge for the Cup, it is typically a 5-7 year cycle to get another chance to challenge for this large, prestigious trophy.

The Quebec Challenge involves having a 10-end double rink curling game. At the conclusion of each challenge, the Cup is awarded to the club with the highest aggregate score.

The Ottawa Curling Club challenged for the Cup (Challenge #801) on April 5, 1998, and Ottawa narrowly lost to cup-holders R.C.N. (Navy) C.C. by a score of 12-11. Ottawa defaulted Challenge #858 in March 2004, and the Cup remained with R.C.N. (Navy) C.C.  Ottawa also did not participate in Challenge #912 on November 22, 2009, and the Cup was retained by Baie d’Urfé.

On Oct 1, 2016, our OCC double rink skipped by Spencer Cooper and Eddie Chow challenged the Quebec Challenge Cup holders, Cornwall Curling Club (Challenge #968), and emerged victorious! For the first time since 1957, the Quebec Challenge Cup trophy resided at the Ottawa Curling Club!

Club Meetings

Annual General Meeting

Held in mid-September this meeting closes the previous year's business of the Ottawa Curling Club Limited. The Board of Directors reports on the Club's finances and operations during the previous year and new directors are elected. It is your chance to have a say in how the club operates.

Spring Information Meeting

This member information meeting takes place just before the Roy Blair draft night. At this informal meeting, the Board of Directors gives an update on how the season went operationally and answers questions from the membership. 

Watch for news and for all club meeting dates.


Club Parking

The OCC parking lot has spaces for up to 29 vehicles. Please enter the property from O’Connor Street.

Parking on the OCC property is reserved for those using the club. Please do not reduce the limited number of parking spots unless you are actually in the club.

Neighbourhood parking options

  1. Commercial parking lot, on the south side of the club.  The meter is located near the entrance on Catherine Street.  The lot is monitored.
  2. Street parking is available on most surrounding streets, the closest of which are O’Connor, north of Argyle – free after 5:30 p.m. and on weekends, as well as Argyle itself - with metered times.
  3. 226 Argyle Avenue is available daily after 5:30 p.m.

Public Transit

There are a few bus stops near the OCC.  Please use to find out which route is best for you.

Club History


Colonel Allan Gilmour (1816-1895) and his brother-in-law James Manuel established the curling club in 1851. At the time, both men were wealthy lumber giants in Bytown (Ottawa).

ClubHistory AllanGilmour

Allan Gilmour

Born in Scotland, Gilmour came to Canada in 1832 to take a position in his family's established lumber services company. He eventually grew the company into a conglomerate that allowed him to devote some of his fortune to curling and the club he established. In his February 1895 Ottawa Free Press obituary it said "For many years Mr. Gilmour has been president of the Ottawa Curling Club and in the games none took a greater interest than he." He was also an accomplished rifleman, had one of the finest art collections in Canada, and was a world traveler. When he died he left the largest will ever probated in Ottawa estimated at $1,452,824. His heir was James Manuel's brother, John, who resided with Gilmour until Gilmour's death.

ClubHistory Plot

         Beechwood cemetary plot

ClubHistory Plot2

Evolution Of The Club

  • Starting with just 14 members, the Bytown Curling Club is the oldest club in the area by 37 years. It began on the Rideau Canal.
  • 1855 – The club name switched to the Ottawa Curling Club. Members didn't use rocks - they each brought their own “iron” rocks to play - and did so for a century.
  • 1858 – A shed on Lisgar Street provides for 1 sheet of ice.
  • 1860 – Gilmour pays for a lumber shed for 1 sheet of ice where the Supreme Court now stands, which was close to his home.

ClubHistory josephcurrier Joseph Currier

  • 1861 – For a cup donated by Joseph Currier, the Ottawa and Buckingham Curling Clubs begin an annual competition that continues today. Another rich lumberman, Currier, after suffering the death of 3 children and 2 wives builds a stone mansion called Gorffwysfa (Welsh for 'place of rest'). The mansion is located at 24 Sussex Drive.
  • 1867 – A frame rink for 2 sheets of ice is erected on Albert Street.
  • 1875 – The long association of Governors General begins when the Marquis of Dufferin donates the first Governor General Trophy for a double-rink iron competition. The Ottawa eventually wins 31 including 4 of 5 gifted by Lord Stanley and 1 gifted by Earl Grey. The Ottawa has its own Stanley and Grey Cups!
  • 1878 – The Albert Street rink is moved south to Vittoria Street at a cost of $510.

ClubHistory sanford flemingSir Sanford Fleming

  • 1879 – Some illustrious members join:  Sir Sanford Fleming, the engineer of the CPR and time zone inventor as well as Canada’s second Prime Minister, Alexander McKenzie.
  • 1888 – Lead by Sir Sanford Fleming, disgruntled OCC curlers form their own club because of the Ottawa’s temperance policy.
  • 1899 – The Royal Victoria Jubilee Trophy is gifted by the Royal Caledonian Curling Club to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The Ottawa wins the inaugural trophy, but does not win it again until 1939. The Jubilee was for many years the most prestigious curling event to win in the country.

ClubHistory vittoria streetVittoria Street

  • 1906 - John Manuel, President of the Club since the death of his uncle Allan Gilmour in1895,erects at his own expense a modern three-story brick building with three sheets of ice on the Vittoria site. Described as the finest club quarters in Canada, it is officially opened by Governor General Earl Grey, who throws the first stone. Opening day also features a match between Ottawa and Arnprior for the Quebec Challenge Cup, which was initiated in 1874 and is still being contested today.
  • 1914 – John Manuel dies and is succeeded by nephew and heir James Manuel, who was a main force in the establishment of the Royal Ottawa Hospital. The Vittoria site is expropriated by the federal government. A similar building is begun by James Manuel at 440 O'Connor Street, with a bowling green alongside for the Vittoria Bowling Club.

ClubHistory front facadeO'Conner Street Facade

  • 1916 – The 4 sheet O'Connor Street building opens; that same year the Centre Block of Parliament burns down.
  • 1921 – The end of an era. The Manuel family line ends with the death of Dr. William Manuel, a brother of James. The Club property is turned over to a trust company for management.
  • 1929 - Letters patent are granted under the Companies Act of Ontario, incorporating The Ottawa Curling Club, Limited "to promote the games of curling and bowling". The Club is acquired from the Manuel estate by mortgaging the property and with proceeds from a stock issue (425 shares at $50 each).
  • 1931 – The first artificial curling ice in Ottawa is installed and a fifth sheet added.
  • 1933 – Women are allowed to curl in their own division and the Vittoria Lawn Bowling Club ceases operation during the Depression.

Club Presidents

  1. 1851-1895: Col. Allan Gilmour
  2. 1895-1914: John Manuel
  3. 1914-1917: James Manuel
  4. 1918-1921: William Manuel
  5. 1922-1936: George F. Henderson, KC
  6. 1936-1942: Hugh Carson
  7. 1942-1950: Darcy Finn
  8. 1950-1952: Olin Beach
  9. 1952-1955: W.E. Hodgins
  10. 1955-1958: Ted Moffat
  11. 1958-1961: B. Brocklesby
  12. 1961-1963: Howard Grills
  13. 1964-1966: Alan Brown
  14. 1966-1968: Gordie Perry
  15. 1968-1970: Harold Scrim
  16. 1970-1972: Bill Davis
  17. 1972-1974: E. Macdonald
  18. 1974-1976: Don MacKinnon
  19. 1976-1978: Dick Rich
  20. 1978-1980: Dave Smith
  21. 1980-1982: Stan Grover
  22. 1982-1984: Ted Root
  23. 1984-1986: Pat Craig
  24. 1986-1988: Bob York
  25. 1988-1990: Rod Matheson
  26. 1990-1992: Sandra Chisholm
  27. 1992-1994: Brad Shinn
  28. 1994-1996: Steve Mitchell
  29. 1996-1998: Eric Johannsen
  30. 1998-2000: Barbara Brown
  31. 2000-2002: Terry Clark
  32. 2002-2004: Gord Perry
  33. 2004-2006: Gayle Greene
  34. 2006-2008: Gord Kritsch
  35. 2008-2012: Geoff Colley
  36. 2012-2014: Michael Loewen
  37. 2014-2016: Tom Sinclair
  38. 2016-2018: Matthew Kellett
  39. 2018-2020: Eddie Chow
  40. 2020-2022: Mike Burke
  41. 2022-present: Nicole Merriman

Refund Policy

The Ottawa Curling Club decides refunds on a case-by-case basis. Refunds are at the sole descretion of the board and the club manager. 

Privacy Policy

At the Ottawa Curling Club, we are committed to collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information responsibly and to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of such personal information.

Personal information includes information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your address, telephone number and e‑mail address. However, publicly available information, such as a public directory listing of your name, address and telephone number is not considered personal information.

We have adopted the following privacy policy that guides how we collect, use and disclose personal information about our members and prospective members. Our intent is to balance our legitimate business interests in collecting, using, and disclosing your personal information against your reasonable expectations of privacy.

  1. Definitions

In this policy:

  • "Business" means the business of operating the Ottawa Curling Club which includes the Web site;
  • "Membership" means a membership in the Ottawa Curling Club;
  • "we", "us", "our" and the "Club" refer to the Ottawa Curling Club Limited, located at 440 O'Connor Street, Ottawa and/or;
  • "Web site" refers to the web site found at;
  1. Collection of Personal Information

Our primary purpose in collecting personal information from you and about you is to ensure the provision of high quality products and/or services. We only collect personal information from and about you that we consider necessary for achieving this purpose and to permit us to conduct the Business diligently.

  1. Use of Your Personal Information

We may use the personal information we collect from and about you to:

  • ensure the provision of high quality membership services;
  • inform you about online and offline offers, membership services, updates and events (including expiry and renewal of your Membership);
  • enable us to contact you;
  • establish and maintain communication with you;
  • assist us in complying with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • invoice you for products and/or services;
  • collect unpaid accounts;
  • enable a corporate re-organization, a merger, or acquisition with another entity;
  • provide you with information concerning the business operation of the Club.

We may also use your personal information as may be described to you at the time of collection. We may compare and review your personal information for errors and omissions and for accuracy. If you choose to provide us with your financial information, we may use your address and financial information to bill you and to provide associated support. We may use personal information about you, in a non-personally identifiable manner, to improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to analyse Memberships, to improve our content and product offerings, and to customize our Web site's content, layout, and services. These uses are to enable us to improve the Business and to better tailor the Business to meet your needs.

  1. Disclosure of Personal Information

As a matter of policy, we do not sell, rent, or lease any of your personal information to third parties without your explicit consent. However, there are a variety of circumstances where we may need to disclose some of your personal information, including the following:

  • We may disclose your personal information to an individual who, in our reasonable judgement, is seeking the information as your agent. For example, we may provide your personal information to your legal representative if we are satisfied that the individual is requesting the information on your behalf.
  • We may disclose your personal information as may be required by law.
  • We may aggregate personal information and disclose such information in a non-personally identifiable manner to advertisers and other third parties for marketing and promotional purposes.
  1. Control of Your Password

You are responsible for all actions taken with any user ID and/or password used to access the Web site. Therefore, we recommend that you not disclose your password to any third parties. If you choose to share your user ID, your password or your personal information with a third party, you are responsible for all actions resulting therefrom. If you lose control of your password, you may lose substantial control over certain personal information. Therefore, if your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately change your password.

  1. Access, Review, Change and Destruction of Your Personal Information

You may access, review and/or change the personal information we have in our files by submitting a written request to do so to our Privacy Information Officer at the address below. We ask that you promptly advise us of any changes to your information. Upon your written request, we will destroy, as soon as reasonably possible and in accordance with our internal policies and applicable law, any and all personal information that we have in our files about you. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we will retain in our files some personal information in order to enable us to collect any unpaid accounts and/or as may be required by law.

  1. Other Information Collectors

Except as otherwise expressly included in this Privacy Policy, this document only addresses the collection, use and disclosure of personal information we collect from and about you. To the extent that you disclose your personal information to other parties, different rules may apply to their collection, use or disclosure of such personal information. Since we do not control the privacy policies of third parties, you are subject to the privacy policies of such third parties.

  1. Protecting Your Privacy

The personal information that is retained by us is kept in a secure environment and we use reasonable procedural and technical safeguards to protect your personal information against loss, theft and unauthorized access or disclosure. While we employ many different security techniques to protect such data from unauthorized access by users inside and outside the Club, we cannot ensure perfect security, particularly in relation to the Web site.

  1. Amendments to This Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by mailing (including regular mail and email) any amended terms to you or by posting the amended terms on the Web site or at the Ottawa Curling Club (440 O'Connor Street, Ottawa). All amended terms shall automatically be effective five days (5) days after mailing or on the date of posting.

  1. Privacy Information Officer Access, Questions, or Concerns

The Privacy Information Officer for the Club is the Club Manager.

If you wish to access, review and/or change your personal information contained in our files or if you have any questions or concerns about our privacy principles outlines above or about our practices, please contact us at:

The Ottawa Curling Club
440 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1W4

Phone: 613.234.4119
Fax: 613.235.2178

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Ottawa Curling Club

Craig SavillWhile steeped in history that began in 1851, the modern day Ottawa Curling Club is all about its members.

We strive to provide the best playing conditions we can while also providing a nurturing and supportive environment that allows our members to achieve whether they are playing at the highest levels of the sport or volunteering at one of our numerous functions.

Members can curl in numerous leagues, use practice ice and avail themselves of the club lounge and hospitality. 

The club also plays host to numerous events and rental leagues, including the weekly Special Olympics curling program and the annual National Blind and Vision Impaired Curling Championships.

Staff and Volunteers

Staff and volunteers

The OCC has a professional manager who oversees the day-to-day operation of the club and the five sheets of ice are maintained by a professional ice technician. The club operates a professional kitchen, where meals are prepared by paid kitchen staff, and all servers and bar tenders are employed by the club.

An elected, volunteer Board of Directors sets the policy for the club with member input encouraged. Members also have the opportunity to volunteer with the club throughout the year, in support of many tournaments and events.

No matter your curling skill level or years of experience, the OCC makes you feel at home!


Membership Options

Returning members use the same account to re-register their membership and leagues each year.   Everyone else must click "Sign-Up" to request an account. Once your  your on-line account request has been approved, you may register for membership and request leagues.

  • Leagues are set in September, at the beginning of each season. 
  • Joining a league mid-season is at the discretion of the club.  

Please see Membership and League Fees for the fees for each membership category. 

Returning Members should review the Sign-up Policy for returning teams.

New Members are encouraged to contact the Club Manager for guidance on registering a team-based league.

Primary Member Options

There are 2 primary Categories for Ottawa Curling Club membership:

  1. Full-playing membership (full member fee)
  2. Pay as you play (base membership fee + fee for each league in which you curl)

Members in category 1 or 2 are required to pay additional fees as set by Curling Canada and the Ontario Curling Association, in additional to any other Ottawa Curling Club fees, such as the current Capital Expenditure Assessment (CEA) Fee.

Other Member Options

Fifth-Player / Spare / Practice

The Fifth-Player / Spare / Practice category is referred to as Category 3

Members in Category 3 are required to pay any additional fees assessed by the Ottawa Curling Club, such as the current Capital Expenditure Assessment (CEA) Fee.

This membership confers specific sparing privileges for all regular club leagues (not rentals).

A member in this category can spare up to 3 times each for any team in any regular club league. Additionally, the member can spare an unlimited number of times as a fifth player for one (1) team in one regular league as long as that team already includes at least 4 fully paid members.

More information in our Sparing Policy.

Social Members

The Social membership is a special membership category.  Social members are not Class B Preference shareholders and cannot vote at Ottawa Curling Club meetings.


Students (with a valid student ID) pay 80% of the fees on category 1 and 2 (20% discount). There is no discount on fees that do not qualify for the student discount.  The OCA fee does not qualify for any discounts.

Students can update their online account profile to indicate their full-time student status, or contact our Club Manager to adjust their registration to correctly apply the discount to qualifying fees.


Schedules are available without logging in, on the main League page.

You must LOGIN in order to access the Member information, including adding yourself to the Free Agent List, and using the Spare List

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